Fine Art’s Club

The fine arts club arranged two SPICMACAY programmes – Bharathanatyam by Vidushi (Smt) Rama Vaidyanathan, Ms.Dakshina and their troupe and Manipuri dance by Padmashree (Smt) Darshana Jhaveri and her troupe in order to create awareness of our rich cultural heritage among the students.

Gundmi Balayya Serigar Memorial  MUIC music competition, Talamaddale in memory of Prof. K.G.Narayan on the Republic Day, Bharatha Natya programme by Vidwan Sri B.Sridhara Rao, our Kannada lecturer and his troupe are the other special programmes organized by the club

Yakshagana Club with eighteen student artistes  presented an episode namely ‘Guru Dakshine’ on the Council Day under the direction of Sri Narayana Prabhu, Gulme. (We appreciate the effort of our students in helping to promote this traditional art form.)