Rover & Ranger

The club has conducted many constructive programmes under the direction of the Rover and Ranger officers Mr.Damodar

Shettigar and Mrs.Sumalahta.


Pravesh Exam conducted for Rovers and Rangers on 23/9/2017.

Rovers attended Gommateshwara cleaning programme at Karkala on 23/9/2017.

Rovers and Rangers participated in All faith prayer  conducted by District Center on 21st September 2017.

Rover attended Nipun examination camp. Ranger Leader Mrs. Sumalatha participated in the camp as examiner held at District

Training Center from 2/9 to 4/9/2017.

Sadbavana Dinacharane was conducted by the Rovers and Rangers Association on 19/08/2017.

Rovers and Rangers attended a Programme on Diabetic information, along with NCC cadets of the college.

On 8/8/2017 Rovers and Rangers visited Hangyo Ice Creame Pvt Ltd as a part of Nipun requirement.

On the occasion of Quit India day Rovers and Rangers of the college cleaned 7 bus stops.

Two days training camp held at Kadiyali from 29/7/2017 to 31/ 7/2017.

On 15/7/2017 orientation programme conducted for first year Rovers and Rangers.

Rovers and Rangers attended three days camp “ ondu hejje krishiya kadege” held at Kota Padukere  from 1/7/2017 to