Student’s Council

PREAMBLE: The council is a forum established primarily to develop the spirit of democracy among the student community and to channalise
the power of Youth towards the development of Student Community in general.

The sustained development of the Democratic Spirit especially among the youth calls for the promotion of leadership qualities among them.
One of the fundamental objectives of the student’s council is to provide ample opportunities to the students to acquire such skills.

Objectives of the council:

1.To provide the right direction in the channelization of youth power.

2.To inculcate the spirit of democracy among the students.

3.To develop leadership qualities and organizational abilities among students

4.To enable the students to appreciate the democratic norms by organizing elections based on democratic principles

5.To help the students to appreciate the need for “Fair-Play” in democracy.

6.To provide a common forum, a meeting place for all the students and thereby create among the student fraternity an awareness about the need for a congenial atmosphere in the college


Student Council’s Report