I Semester

Paper 1. 1 Management Perspectives

Paper 1.2 Statistics for Business and Management- I

Paper 1.3 Management Science-I

Paper1.4 Advanced Financial and Cost Accounting-I

Paper 1.5 Managerial Economics

II Semester

Paper 2.1 Business Environment

Paper 2.2 Statistics for Business and Management – II

Paper 2.3 Management Science – II

Paper 2.4 Advanced Financial and Cost Accounting – II

Paper 2.5 Strategic Marketing Management

III Semester

Paper 3.1 Strategic Management

Paper 3.2 International Business Environment

Paper 3.3 Foreign Trade and Policy

Four optional Streams : Two Papers Each

One Optional Must be selected from the following streams

Optional Stream – 1 Financial Management and Investment Sciences (FMAIS)

Optional (FMAIS) Paper 3.4 : Corporate Accounting

Optional (FMAIS) Paper 3.5 : Security Analysis and Portfolio Management-I

Optional Stream-2: Human Resource Development and Management (HRDAM)

Optional (HRDAM) Paper 3.4: Human Resource Development

Optional (HRDAM) Paper 3.5: Strategic Human Resource Management

Optional Stream – 3: Banking and Insurance Management (BAIM)

Optional (BAIM) Paper 3.4: Current Issues in Banking

Optional (BAIM) Paper 3.5: Management of Life Insurance

Optional Stream-4: Taxation (Txn.)

Optional (Txn.) Paper 3.4: Fundamentals of Taxation and Planning

Optional (Txn.) Paper 3.5: Indirect Taxation-I : Central Excise and VAT

IV Semester

Paper 4.1 : Financial Management

Paper 4.2 : Insurance Management

Paper 4.3 : Marketing Research

Four Optional Streams : Two Papers each

One Optional must be selected from the following streams:

Optional Stream-1 : Financial Management and Investment Science (FMAIS)

Optional (FMAIS) Paper 4.4 : Capital Structure Management

Optional (FMAIS) Paper 4.5 : Security Analysis and Portfolio management – II

Optional Stream-2: Human Resource Development and Management (HRDAM)

Optional (HRDAM) Paper 4.4: Organisational Behaviour

Optional (HRDAM) Paper 4.5: Labour Legislation

Optional Stream-3 : Banking and Insurance Management (BAIM)

Optional (BAIM) Paper 4.4 : Financial Services and Institutions.

Optional (BAIM) Paper 4.5 : Management of General Insurance

Optional Stream-4: Taxation (Txn.)

Optional (Txn.) Paper 4.4: Direct Taxation: Corporate Tax and Planning

Optional (Txn.) Paper 4.5: Indirect Taxation-II Central and State Taxes

Each student has to opt for an optional stream in the third semester and has to study two papers

each in the 3rd and 4th semesters respectively, offered under the opted stream.

How to Apply

Admission to the college begins soon after the results of the Mangalore University Degree examinations

are announced. Eligible candidates are required to apply for admission using the prescribed

application form, which can be obtained along with Prospectus at the college office on

payment of Rs. 300/- Application form and Prospectus can also be availed through post on remittance

of Rs. 400/- by money order in favour of the Principal St. Mary’s Syrian college, Brahmavar

The duly filled in application forms must be submitted at the college office on or before the last

stipulated date along with attested copies of conduct certificate, study certificate, transfer certificate

(TC) and marks card of the qualifying examination.


After scrutiny of applications, the short listed candidates will be invited for interview with the Principal.

The candidate must be accompanied by parent / guardian while appearing for the interview.

The candidate is required to present the following documents for verification at the time of interview:

• Conduct Certificate

• Transfer Certificate

• Study Certificate

• Marks Card of Degree Examination

• Caste Certificate, if he/she belongs to SC/ST or other Backward Classes.

• Income Certificate showing annual income of Rs. 11,000/- or less per year, if he/she

belongs to Low-Income Group.


Following the interview, the candidate, if selected, shall be admitted to the college after payment

of the prescribed fee. However, students are requested to note that their admission remains

provisional till the University of Mangalore formally approves it.

• Students who have completed their Degree Course in states other than Karnataka are required

to submit an eligibility certificate, which can be obtained from the University of Mangalore

upon payment of a fee of Rs. 1,300/-.

• Admission to the college implies that the student shall abide by the rules and regulations of

the college, as modified from time to time. The parent / guardian accompanying the candidate

at the time of admission is expected to personally keep in touch with the college during the

course of his/her study to ascertain the progress of the student. However, as a rule, the college

does not respond to complaints and unnecessary postal correspondence to the college


• The Principal should be promptly informed of any change in the student’s / parent’s residential


Every student is expected to be well behaved both inside and outside the college. He/she should

be loyal and sincere to the institution.

Students are not allowed to entertain visitors during working hours without the written permission

of the Principal.

Students are expected to be in uniform prescribed for them.

Parents should keep in touch with the Principal and attend P.T.A. meetings regularly in order to

ascertain the progress of their wards.

Ragging is a criminal offence as per Karnataka Educational Act 1983 and Honourable Supreme

Court of India. As per the order of the Supreme Court of India, if any incident of ragging comes

to the notice of the authority, the concerned student shall be given a hearing and if his/her

explanation is not found satisfactory, the authority would expel him/her from the Institution.