Bachelor of Computer applications (BCA Semester Scheme):

Bachelor of Computer Applications,  a newly introduced course of the Mangalore University aims at preparing the students for a career in Computer Applications. As a self financed course BCA . was introduced by the college management from the academic year 2002-03 to cater to the changing needs of the rural students community. As a specialized course of study, BCA demands basic knowledge of mathematics, although study of mathematics at the PUC level has not been made an essential condition by the University.

This course is divided into six semesters

I Semester:

1. Language-1.

2. Language-II.

3. Programming Language C.

4. Fundamentals of IT.

5. Computer Organization

6. Lab-C-Programming.

7. Lab FIT.

8. General Studies-Indian Constitution.

II Semester:

1. Language-I.

2. Language- II.

3. Basics of Networking

4. Object Oriented Programming using C++

5. Database Concepts and Oracle

6. Lab-C++ Lab

7. Lab-DBMS

8. General Studies-IC

III Semester

1 .Basics Mathematics

2. Microprocessors

3. Data Structures.

4. Operating System.

5. Data Mining.

6. Lab-Data Structure and OS.

7. Lab-Micro Processor.

IV Semester

1. Computer Graphics and Multimedia.

2. Visual Basic.NET Programming.

3. Principles of TCP/IP.

4. E-Commerce.

5. Computer Oriented Numerical Analysis-E1.

6. Lab-Computer Graphics.

7. Lab-Visual Basic.NET.

V Semester:

1. Software Engineering.

2. Linux Environment.

3. Web Development in .NET.

4. Java Programming.

5. Distributed Computing

6. Artificial Intelligence-E1.

7. Lab-Java.

8. Lab-Web


VI Semester:

1. Project Work.