A candidate who has passed the two year Pre-University Examination of the Pre-University Board of Education in the State of Karnataka or any other Education considered as equivalent there to by the Mangalore University is eligible For admission to the B.Com degree courses.However a candidate should have studied Commerce and Accountancy At the P.U level to be eligible for admission to the B.Com degree course.

The course of study leading to the B.com.Degree comprises the following:

I Semester:
1. English-I.
2. Kannada-Ior Hindi-I or Sanskrit-I.
3. Business Economics.
4. Financial Accounting-I.
5. Business Statistics and Mathematics-I.
6. Principles of Management.
7. Indian Constitution.

II Semester:
1. English-II.
2. Kannada-II or Hindi-II or Sanskrit-II.
3. Money and Public Finance,
4. Financial Accounting-II.
5. Business Statistics and Mathematics-II.
6. Modem Banking.
7. Indian Constitution.

III Semester:
1. English-III.
2. Kannada-III or Hindi-III or Sanskrit-III.
3. International Trade and Finance-I.
4. Financial Accounting-III.
5. Cost and Management Accounting-I.
6. Elective-1.Human Resource Management-I.
2. Business Taxation-I.

IV Semester:
1. English-IV.
2. Kannada-IV or Hindi-IV or Sanskrit-IV.
3. International Trade and Finance-II.
4. Financial Accounting-IV.
5. Cost and Management Accounting-II.
6. Elective-1.Human Resource Management-II.
2. Business Taxation-II.

V Semester:
1. Financial Management-I.
2. Modern Marketing.
3. Business Law.
4. Financial Accounting- V.
5. Cost and Management Accounting-III.
6. Elective-1.Human Resource Management-III.
2. Business Taxation-III.

VI Semester:
. 1. Financial Management-II.
2. Auditing.
3. Indian corporate Law.
4. Financial Accounting- VI.
5. Cost and Management Accounting-IV.
6. Elective-1.Human Resource Management-IV.
2. Business Taxation-IV.